Hawaiian Cubensis

Hawaiian Cubensis


Hawaiian is known for higher potency, as it was selectively developed by Pacific Exotica Spora. Expect a light body high and deep transcendence of the mind. Colourful visuals can be expected when you close your eyes, it should feel infinite and grand.

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Hawaiian Cubensis Online in Australia


Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Hawaii), also known as PES Hawaiian, is a strain developed and originally produced by a company called Pacific Exotica Spora. Pacific Exotica Spora has been a reputable vendor for spore for many years, and is well known for their potent strains. This strain was developed in Hawaii but P. Cubensis do not grow naturally on the islands of Hawaii.

The PES Hawaiian shrooms have a range of dome shaped to plane caps, ranging in light to golden flesh colour. The stems are characterized to be slender to thick, mostly white in colour and shows to be fibrous, sturdy, and medium in length. The Hawaiian magic mushrooms strain tends to range in overall size from small to as large as mushrooms can get. Buy Hawaiian Cubensis Online in Australia Buy Hawaiian Cubensis Online in Australia How to order Hawaiian Cubensis Online in Australia How to order Hawaiian Cubensis Online in Australia

Hawaiian Cubensis Online in Australia

These Hawaiian Cubensis are an excellent strain for micro-dosing as they are quite potent, but have an intense creative energy to them. These Beautiful mushrooms are typically reddish cinnamon brown to golden brown colour.

The Hawaiian Cubensis is a very beautiful, stalky, picture perfect mushroom that would be a great candidate for a textbook image of Psilocybe Cubensis. It is not an extremely tall mushroom but it does have one of the wider caps in the species. Stalk is of medium thickness but fruits are more dense than average. Caps tend to be speckled with flakes which is a common Cubensis trait but seems to be more pronounced and stays with age with the Hawaiian Cubensis. This happens even more often on Hawaiians that grow on Dung.



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